What should i do if i was attacked?

  • Write down the details of the incident from memory (with details about the place, date, time, the number of people involved etc.)
  • In the event of injuries, visit a doctor (you may be in need of treatment and, for the purpose of documentation, you may require a sick note or medical report from a doctor or hospital)
  • Inform the police (if you wish)
  • Lodge a criminal complaint or file criminal charges (preferably there and then, otherwise within three months of the incident or sometimes later, depending on the criminal offence)
  • Ask for the file reference number of the complaint (it will be needed to establish the state of the police investigations)
  • Ask for a copy of the complaint
  • If there were witnesses, speak to them and note down their names and contact details (addresses, telephone numbers)
  • Contact a counselling centre for victims of right-wing violence.

All further steps can be discussed with the advisors at the counselling centre. Here it is possible to find support and accompaniment to, for example, the police, doctors and lawyers and even accompaniment at court cases.