Before Beratungssituation


grüne Sprechblase aus dem LogoBEFORE is a counseling centre in Munich for people confronted by right-wing and racist violence and discrimination. We support people who are directly affected as well as those within their social environment. Furthermore, we support people who have witnessed such incidents.

Our assistance extends from anti-discrimination work to victim consultation.
Our counselling is free of charge, confidential and independent from the public authorities. Our team is at your service not only in our own offices but we will also visit you.
We support people who are confronted with discrimination or violence as a result of their ethnic background, gender, religion, disability, age, social status, sexual identity or anti-racist activities. We also campaign on their behalf in public dialogue.

At centre stage are the people affected by such encroachments. We help those concerned to exercise their rights, to overcome the results of an attack or discriminatory treatment and to gain a scope for action for themselves.

In addition, BEFORE does educational work.

In collaboration with the “kommunales Netzwerk gegen Rechtsextremismus und Rassismus“ (communal network against right-wing extremism and racism) we document incidents and encroachments in Munich in a chronicle.