What should i do if i was discriminated against?

Keep calm and do not let yourself be provoked!
Acts of discrimination are hurtful and humiliating. Nevertheless try to remain calm and do not let yourself be provoked!

Talk to witnesses!
If other people noticed the act of discrimination, you should speak to them and ask them if they would be prepared to be witnesses. Write down their contact details (names, addresses, telephone numbers). The statements made by witnesses are often the most important pieces of evidence in a court of law.

Write everything down!

Write down the details of the incident from memory. Include everything which you can remember. If other people were with you, ask them to write such a report too. In this way you will also be able to remember the details more easily and be able to describe what occurred without contradictions and gaps. In court cases that can be very important because the opposite party often tries to present a totally different picture. You must then convince the court that the incident took place as you said it did.

Keep any evidence you have!
keep all evidence in a safe place: letters, documents, emails, screenshots from your computer or mobile phone, itemized bills for your telephone calls etc. All these things can help you later to get justice.

Contact a counselling centre quickly!
Contact a counselling centre and do not waste time. The General Equal Treatment Act provides for a two-month deadline. After this deadline it will be much harder for you to obtain justice. Even if you do not want to take the case to court, the counselling centre can still help you.

Source: ADNB (Antidiskriminierungsnetzwerk Berlin)